Group exhibition: Wasser - Knappheit oder Fülle?
Aug 19th. - Sep 10th. 2023

Emma, 2023, Jeongkyoung Woo

Emma : Sculpture
2023, each 6 x 3 x 2.3cm
Emma : Sculpture Soap
2023, 13.5 x 6 x 6cm


Soap sculptures appear for the water exhibition.
The soap as a material that slowly dissolves in water over time.
Expressed as Emma's fear and Thelma's love for Emma, the car melts away that the fear during exhibition time as it meets water in the soap, which has a solid form, and eventually disappears into the water. Its form has disappeared, but it coexists and exists in the form of an atom.

in Turnhalle, Kunst- und Kulturverein Alte Schule Baruth e.V.

25. Rundgang HfG Offenbach
July 14 - 16th. 2023

Emma, 2023, Jeongkyoung Woo

Emma : Drawings 45/105, salanghaneun Eomma
Colored Pencil, Cut-out, Digital Print on Paper, each 29.7 x 21 cm,
2022 - 2023

Emma : Book
printed by Risograph (Drawing, 13,5cm x 20cm),
printed by Digital (Text, 10,5cm x 20cm)
2023, 14 x 20,5 cm, 10 copies limited edition (5 KOR/ 5 ENG)


There was a moment when I, who always thought that separation and death were difficult and sad things to accept, was deeply impressed by the words of a physicist one day.

“If I imagine that the person I love is still around me in the form of atoms (even after their death), it can bring me comfort.”

If the person you love in their atomic form were always with you, protecting you like a guardian angel, then there would be no need to be afraid anymore.

— Quote from the book "Emma"

This project tells storys of Thelma, who receives a special ability from Emma, which is represented through her works. So that they can find this ability in the process of working and showing.
As work begins with Emma's letter, they try to understand each other in different ways from each other's perspectives, eventually comforting each other and finding answer.
And Thelma would answer like this.

Dear Emma,

You, my shadow, wander away from me
could become a tree or a part of a star, leaving the earth.

With Love, from your Thelma

사랑하는 엄마, 김화숙 여사에게.

Frankfurter Str. 17 - 21, 63065 Offenbach am Main


헤어짐과 죽음은 늘 받아들이기 힘들고 슬픈 일이라 생각했던 나에게
어느 날 한 물리학자의 말이 인상깊게 들리던 순간이 있었다.

“사랑하는 사람이 (그의 죽음 후에도) 내 주위에 원자 형태로 있다고 생각하면
그런 것들은 위안을 주더라고요.”

원자 형태로 사랑하는 사람이 언제고 내 곁에 머무른다면 늘 언제나 나를 지켜주는 수호 천사라면,
그것은 더 이상 겁낼 필요가 없겠다.

— 책 Emma 본문 중

이 프로젝트는 델마가 엠마를 통해 받은 특별한 능력을 작업을 통해 보여주는 이야기이다.
작업을 하고 보여지는 과정 안에서 그 능력을 이미 찾을 수 있도록.

엠마의 편지로부터 작업이 시작되면 그들은 서로의 관점에서 다양한 방면으로 서로를 이해하려고 하고,
결국은 서로 위로하며 답을 찾아간다.

그리고 델마는 이렇게 답할 것이다.

Dear Emma,

나의 그림자인 너는 나를 배회하며
나무가 되거나 지구를 떠나 별의 일부가 될 수도.

- 사랑을 담아, 너의 델마로부터

사랑하는 엄마, 김화숙 여사에게.